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BE LADS is an awareness and safety campaign which provides practical advice to men for steps they can take to help women feel safer when they are walking alone.

Everyone has the right to walk alone safely,

but 80% of women in the UK have been sexually harassed in public spaces,

with men being in the majority of perpetrators. With high-profile cases of women being raped and murdered as they walked alone in the UK and Ireland, women are justified in feeling afraid when walking alone.

BE LADS recognises that most men are not threats to women and want to do what they can to help women feel safe. BE LADS is an acronym giving simple advice men can follow if they want to help alleviate a woman’s fear.

Be visible

Ease the tension by making a phone call

Look away, don’t stare

Active bystander

Distance yourself

Suggest walking your friend home

By following the BE LADS advice, men can help to indicate that they are not a threat to a woman walking alone and be allies to all women.

For more information, or to find out how the BE LADS campaign can be delivered in your local community, school or business, please email or complete the form below:

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