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BE LADS workplace training is inclusive, effective, and perfectly placed to support you in training your workforce on:

  • Sexual harassment and sexual assault (including national statistics)
  • Personal safety
  • Active bystander intervention
  • How to address and prevent sexual harassment
  • How to start conversations with family (including children), friends and peers

BE LADS Workplace Training

BE LADS workplace training can be delivered in person or online and can be tailored to meet the bespoke needs of your organisation.

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Legal obligation: Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010)

From October 2024, a new duty will be placed on employers in the United Kingdom to take ‘reasonable steps’ to prevent sexual harassment under the Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010).

Tribunals will have the power to increase compensation by up to 25% if an employer has breached this duty.

Guidance provided to employers under the new law includes organisational and cultural change, and regular training sessions for all staff to understand what sexual harassment is and their role in preventing/addressing it.

BE LADS workplace training supports employers in meeting this obligation by raising awareness, giving employees practical prevention advice, and contributing to a positive, inclusive organisational culture.

Benefits to your organisation

Aside from compliance with the Worker Protection (Amendment of Equality Act 2010), BE LADS workplace training:

  • Addresses issues surrounding women’s safety without vilifying or victimising one gender over another;
  • Gives simple advice that anyone can follow to help others feel safer when walking alone;
  • Provides personal safety advice, including responding to sexual harassment as a victim or a bystander;
  • Supports corporate social responsibility obligations;
  • Equips attendees with tools to start conversations with friends, family and peers about sexual assault and sexual harassment; and
  • Empowers employees with the message that one person can make a difference.


The BE LADS message was powerful and well received by staff. We had a lot of positive feedback. Most men were simply not aware of the issue, or the safety measures women take every time they walk alone. It gave a lot of my male colleagues some starting points on conversations to bring home to their children too, which is very important”.

– Nicola Tobin, Associate Director, Mace

“Poppy‘s creation of the BE LADS Campaign adds great value, support and a fresh dimension to our various consortium activities to prevent violence against women and girls and domestic abuse. Men have a fundamental role to play in improving safety for women, and the BE LADS Campaign is a highly effective initiative to give practical advice to men who want to help. I hope to see many City of London organisations engage with BE LADS.”

– Don Randall MBE, Chair of City of London Crime Prevention Association

“Poppy’s BE LADS Campaign is really helping shift the perspectives and notions surrounding violence against women and girls. For too long the focus has been on the actions of victim-survivors as opposed to the actions of the perpetrators. The BE LADS campaign is a seriously informative piece of work that has a place in our education facilities, police forces, and, quite honestly, any workplace.”

– Joshua Williams, MVAWG Business Command, Bedfordshire Police

“Poppy‘s presentation was insightful and incredibly well put together. She raised some brilliant key points and strategies of how we can all support each other within our community, which I will be taking forward personally. We are all lucky to have someone like Poppy driving this initiative and I would encourage many others to attend one of her talks.“

– Matthew Gilligan, Associate Director, Saffery Trust

“BE LADS provided unrivalled value to our Standing Together programme. Each workshop delivered was relevant, engaging, and educational. Working with participants with numerous risk factors, and from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, the workshop was tailored to meet everyone’s needs. Our feedback from participants was that they found the sessions informative, inspiring, and engaging, and are taking the learning from the session to input into social action projects that they are now leading upon.”

– Sam Mardle, Schools Education Manager, Chelsea FC Foundation